Insects are the small species that can harm very dangerously to human being. Although it is so small in size but the impact of its bite on human body are intolerable. If we talk about mosquitoes specifically, there is many forms of mosquitoes available all around the world. They are so dangerous and sometimes their bite is life threating. They can lead a person to the bed in hospital and we have to bear all expenses as well as physical pain also.

There are different species available of incest and we come across them in our daily life. Following are few insects that we see in our house regularly.


They commonly found everywhere. In flies’ categories we have bee and honey bee. They are not specifically harmful or life threatening but they irritate a lot. Whether, we have one in our room or we get one accidentally in car, it makes our life so miserable and we just wanted to get rid out of it. The bite of honey bee is dangerous. Normally, we don’t see honey bee around. They are usually found in forest.


They are life threatening. The bite of dengue mosquitoes cause diarrhea, high fever, stomach diseases and viral infections. They usually sip out the blood from human body and leaves it poisonous fluid inside the blood which causes infection. The victims are kids and those people who have weak immune system. So, we need to take care of it and need to take different precaution to protect our kids and ourselves.


It is usually found in kitchen cabinets. When we put crockery and kitchen utensils in the cabinet as soon as they get washed. The humidity and the left-over droplets of water on the utensils give birth to the bacteria and hence cockroaches made. They also come from the sink in the kitchen if we do not properly clean it. They come out from the drainage line after smelling the leftover food smell as this is their food.

Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs can literally make night life miserable. They are not visible in a day time. As soon as someone lay on bed when all the lights are off, they come out and bite. Their food is human blood. They hide in small space that are unable to find.


They find everywhere. Specially, when we have grass, greenery and plants in our house. They small being irritates the most. They roam all around our house and bites us whenever they like.

So, if we want protection from all those insects, we have to make some precautions. They main thing that we can do is to put incest screen on doors and sliding security screen doors in our house of office. Star line security is offering all kinds of screen and security doors to the people in Australia at good prices.