we human, when we born we were infants we have gone through all the process today we are adults we become old that’s how the human circle work same goes for the animal, plants and all the living things. Plants are the living thing they born they grow and they become old. One day plants become tree which has its own benefit and makes the atmosphere neat and clean and you can take a fresh air breath just because of plants and tree they why plants are important to the one day they become a tree and give you hundreds of benefit. For example, if you have space outside your house how you will utilize it? There are many ideas where you can utilize your outdoor space like having a big parking area, mini pool or small little garden. But the best idea is small little garden because it is good for human health where you can keep table and chair and where you can spend quality time with your family or friends and at times you need anyone to be with you, you can spend your times with the plants with talking with them and trust me it is one the best feelings, plants can be your best friend but only who understand them.

Reduce the depression, anxiety and stress

There are thousands of people who are going through depression and in fact they are taking pills and going to the doctors but nothing works for them but if they have plants in their homes or they spend their time in the garden it will surely help them because plants are the best for reducing depression and they can change your mood within the seconds. Depression, anxiety and stress, these are the mental diseases which are curable but it takes time but for that, you need a positive environment around you. For example, if you are suffering from any of disease you should have any plants whether it is your office or home because plants give you positive energy, you can have murraya paniculata plant because this plant is beautiful.

Food and flowers

Do you know the beautiful flowers which see from where they come? Obviously, they come from the plants there is no other way to get these flowers from that’s why plants are important you can get cheap beautiful plants as well they also look lovely. Plants can give us fresh vegetables and fruits which is the best for the human.

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