Four Tips To Pull Off That Farmhouse Look

When it comes to your home, it should obviously be three things, comfortable, comfortable and comfortable. And nothing screams ultra-cosy and generously warm more than a house that’s built farmhouse style. Unless you want to go all rock and punk and have an unconditional love for neon colours, then this is the ultimate style for you. Modern farmhouse style interiors are suddenly everyone favourite now like though they didn’t already know the how amaze balls their grandparent’s house are if it’s located in the country side. Well, country or rural here’s five tips for you to pull of that farmhouse look.

Paint Colours.

The colour of your home can define what kind it is. So if you’re going for this look you need to make sure your house painters Morley use neutral colours like beige, off white and cream. This can help keep the calming effect and set the right blend for interior and deco. Remember we’re not experimenting the colours of rainbow on your walls so try not to settle for different colour for each room or dark ones as they’re unlikely to charge a relaxing ambiance. Pale colours reflect the style and can be perfect for the look you trying to achieve, but do add in a bit of earthy tones like vibrant navy and greens to create a subdue appeal.


Grabbing its inspiration from the country side living and combining it with a touch of modern aesthetics, the furniture that’s used in farmhouse style designing usually involves an excessive amount of sturdy wood and galvanized steel. It doesn’t mean you have to step back in past and bombard your house with everything antique. Do settle for neat lines and choose the wood colours wisely when you hire out house painters Perth Hills, but you can also throw in a few modern furniture like cushioned barstools and plush couches. The key is to remain simple and get nature play its game.


Again two things that are significantly crucial are simplicity and comfort. When choosing your material and fabrics be it for cushion or sheets, use cotton and linen. These material spill rustic charm and elegance whether plaid or gingham. People in the country side usually had to work a lot outside, so when they walked in, they wanted to work less and opted for easy care fabrics. Red checked table clothes, and striped towels are absolutely farmhouse deco. Simply patterns, contrasting colours and coarsely woven fabrics are also a signature of farmhouse style.

Other Elements.

Other elements you can incorporate to add in a few of touches of farmhouse style and bring in comfort and set a welcoming atmosphere are by using a shiplag or boardwall to your living room or bedroom or anywhere you can. I highly recommend one above your fireplace for a great look. In addition, sliding barn doors that separate the kitchen and dining. They’re traditional yet very stylish and convenient. Try adding wood in various different form to your deco and just go easy on and use things available at home like a flour sifter for a flower vase and hang in wire baskets here and there.